The economic landscape for both starting and maintaining farming operations in the United States isn't an easy one. From access to water, to farmland pricing more than doubling, to crop diversification, distribution and financing, it's not a career that most young people can dive into. But a handful of small farmers in the Roaring Fork Valley are working hard to change that.

In addition to putting their sweat, heart and soul into their crops, they're working together to create an environment that makes community farming successful, so that farmers can focus on food. Follow these ambitious young farmers as they overcome obstacles to grow food for their community, and watch the trailer below for a full-length documentary by Tom Zuccareno and Haley Thompson.

How We Grow, Farming in the Roaring Fork Valley
How We Grow, Farming in the Roaring Fork Valley


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“If these young farmers can overcome the high land prices of Colorado and grow food at 7,000 feet in an unpredictable mountain climate, then it may be possible for young farmers anywhere to problem-solve their logistical challenges and work with their local community leaders to create healthy food systems anywhere.” — Tom Zuccareno

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Published on September 2017