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No one charges harder against climate change than Aspen Snowmass. We've spent more time in Washington lobbying for climate than any other ski resort.

Being a snowsports enthusiast now means being part of the fight against climate change. Below you will find several social tools to make your voice heard, Join us, together we can't be ignored.


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Get The Facts

Trump's Top 7 Flake-Ups

Image of the United States capitol
Image of the United States capitol

It is impossible to Give A Flake about climate change today in America without talking about Donald Trump.

The truth is that many of Mr. Trump’s policies directly diminish our business and threaten our ability to operate, today and into the future. To Give A Flake today is to grapple with some of the policies the president has enacted.

The New York Times reported that the current administration has rolled back or plans to eliminate some 85 different environmental rules. We’ve selected seven that seem to us unnecessary and nonsensical.

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Do Your Part

5 Ways Aspen Snowmass Gives A Flake

At Aspen Skiing Company, we are committed to protecting the environment and leading the way on corporate responsibility and sustainability. We work on these issues through operations, advocacy, and philanthropy, internally, locally, and nationally. Learn more about how we Give A Flake.


Non-profit organizations working to advocate for the climate depend on your contributions now more than ever. It's time to support the organizations doing critical work to advance climate solutions.

Our partner, Protect Our Winters, is mobilizing the outdoor sports community against climate change. Become a member and donate to POW today.
The POW Action Fund works to make action on climate change a top policy priority for the outdoor sports community. POW Action Fund not only works to support elected officials who will take legitimate action on climate, they also work to identify those who deny the science and work against climate solutions and hold them accountable.



Spread the word any way you can about why you #GiveAFlake on your channels. Let your voice be heard! Share your image on your favorite social media channel.

How Aspen Snowmass Gives A Flake

How Aspen Snowmass Gives A Flake

Give A Flake Aspen Snowmass video thumbnail
Give A Flake Aspen Snowmass video thumbnail

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