Tenants For Turns

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In response to the escalating housing crisis in the Roaring Fork Valley, Aspen Skiing Company is launching Tenants for Turns. The program offers incentives to homeowners willing to rent a unit, a guest house, an ADU, a mother-in-law unit or even an extra bedroom to an Aspen Snowmass employee. This incentive is available for new leases only and that take effect after Nov. 11, 2021.
“We’ve made good progress on adding beds to our employee-housing inventory, but we’re still getting outpaced by the problem,” says Jim Laing, Chief Human Resources Officer at Aspen Skiing Company. “Skiers and business owners the whole length of the valley—and, of course, guests to our resort community—all benefit when our ski areas are operating with optimal staffing. We’re hoping this program will entice people with a bedroom that has gone unrented in the past to rent it for a few months to an employee.”
Homeowners and landlords who are for their first time leasing a room to an Aspen Skiing Company employee for the ski season can choose as their incentive either a 2021-2022 Aspen Snowmass Premier Pass, 10 single-day lift ticket vouchers, or a $1,200 gift certificate valid for any Aspen Snowmass product. This could include meals or rooms at the Aspen and Snowmass Limelight Hotels and The Little Nell, ski gear or rentals at Four Mountain Sports, ski and snowboard lessons, or any of Aspen Snowmass’ on-mountain dining options.
Interested homeowners or landlords should download the application and email it to humanresources@aspensnowmass.com to apply, or reach out to Aspen Skiing Company’s human resources department (970-300-7700), which will have a list of employees looking for a room and the terms of the program. Lease terms will be up to the lessor and employee, but will need to contain certain basic parameters to trigger the incentive package upon verification of the lease by Aspen Skiing Company.


Aspen Skiing Company’s (ASC) Tenants for Turns program incentivizes homeowners and landlords to house to ASC employees. Landlords can rent a unit, a guest house, an ADU, a mother-in-law unit or even an extra bedroom.

Qualified landlords and homeowners who rent to an ASC employee will be able to choose from one of the following incentives:

· 10 all-mountain lift ticket vouchers

· 2021/22 Aspen Snowmass Premier Season Pass

· A $1,200 gift certificate, good at any Aspen Snowmass business

Please read the following program guidelines carefully:

· To qualify for one of the above (hereafter referred to as “incentive(s)”) the homeowner or landlord must first apply to the Tenants for Turns housing program. A landlord must apply for the program prior to filling vacancies. Agreements made with tenants prior to signing up with the program are not eligible for incentive(s).

· To apply, fill out and sign the application and liability release here. Applications can be submitted by email: humanresources@aspensnowmass.com, or may be delivered in person to the Human Resources office.

· The duration of the rental term must be for at least 16 weeks and must start no later than Dec. 10. Long-term leases are also welcome for year-round staff. The duration of a lease should be mutually agreed upon by a tenant and landlord/homeowner.

· Once the application is approved by Human Resources, you will be notified, and the rental will be added to a list exclusively available to ASC employees who have committed to working at ASC. This program excludes family members of landlords/homeowners.

· Employees will contact you if they are interested in your rental. The landlord/homeowner is responsible for the screening and lease signing process. The homeowner retains full control over the lease terms, the rent to be charged, and all other details of the rent agreement.

· You may not be able to meet face to face with tenants before their desired move in date. Our employees are moving to the area from all across the nation. Skype, Facetime, or any other methods to discuss the rental situation can go a long way in finding the right tenant.

· Once the vacancy is filled the homeowner or landlord will notify Human Resources by submitting a signed copy of the rental agreement. Human Resources will verify the employee renter qualifies for the program. If you rent to an individual who has not been approved by Human Resources you are not eligible to receive the incentive(s).

· If your available rental has been filled by someone who is not a qualified ASC employee, please contact the HR department to have your rental removed from our list.

· The incentive(s) will be issued if all requirements of the program have been met. 1) You have applied and have been approved as a Tenants for Turns landlord. 2) Your tenant is an eligible employee and contacted you via the program listing. 3) You have submitted a copy of the lease agreement. Incentives may take up to one week to process.

· If a lease is terminated without reasonable cause, the incentive package will be revoked.

· ASC does not evaluate, and therefore cannot make any representations or warranties regarding an employee’s fitness for any tenancy. While we attempt to hire only the highest quality and responsible individuals to work at ASC, we cannot make any guarantees that the individual you agree to house will be what you consider a good tenant. ASC does run background checks for certain positions at the resort, please inquire for more details.

ASC is looking forward to another great winter season and would like to invite you to be a part of it. We welcome any ideas you have to help our Tenants for Turns program grow and improve. If you have any questions or concerns about this program please feel free to contact the Human Resources department at the number or email on the application. Again, thank you for your interest in ASC and for your support of our employees!


How much should I charge for my rental?

ASC does not have guidelines or requirements regarding the cost of rental and lease agreements for the Tenants for Turns program. These rewards are intended to be a generous incentive to rent to employees for a lower monthly rate than the general public. While ASC works hard to pay its employees well, first year front line employees often having a starting wage of $17, and their hours are dependent on business levels. We recommend rentals be within the range of $500 and $800 per month per individual per bedroom or lower, plus utilities, but each situation is unique and many factors such as a furnished rental could raise or lower that price.

It is very important that you collect a damage deposit before allowing any tenant to reserve the rental. Keep in mind most employees starting their winter season are without significant reserves of cash to spend on a deposit. You must balance the inherent risks of renting your property with determining an appropriate rental and deposit amount for seasonal employees.

Will ASC help collect rent from employees?

The Tenants for Turns program acts only as a facilitator that connects available rentals with employees looking to rent. All rental/lease agreements are between the landlord/owner and the tenant. Please read the general liability release form.

What if I have rented to ASC employees in previous years, not through the Tenants for Turns program, and plan on renting to them again?

Thank you for housing ASC employees! The spirit of the program is to make a list of rentals available to our employees currently searching for housing. A landlord must apply for the program prior to filling vacancies. Agreements made with tenants prior to November 9th signing up with the program are not eligible to receive incentive(s).

Are there any geographical boundaries my rental must fall in to qualify?
We do not have limitations on how far away a rental can be. If your rental is further than a 45 minute drive, you may find that employees are not interested in commuting that far.

What if my tenant doesn’t work out?

If a tenant proves unsuitable due to their behavior or a failure to pay their rent, the landlord may terminate the lease without losing the incentive package. If the landlord chooses to terminate the agreement for their own reasons not related to the tenant, the incentive package will be revoked.