You’re the first person a guest may interact with when they head to the slopes, so a passion for customer service is key, as is a knowledge of our computer software (which you’ll learn). You’ll ensure our guests book the experience they desire or help solve issues that arise, whether it’s in the ticket office, outside by the lifts, or at our on-mountain gates. If you like a new challenge every day, then this is the job for you.

Typical jobs that exist within our Product Sales and Service Department are:

  • Frontline Product Sales and Service Agent

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Product Sales & Services Team Profile

Product Sales Team Career Path profile - Aspen Skiing Company

Daniel Dempsey

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Winter job title: Mountain Sales Supervisor
Summer job title: Mountains Sales Supervisor
Years at Aspen Skiing Company: 1 ½ years
Hobbies: Biking, frisbee golf, reggae music
How did you end up in Aspen?
After getting my degree in marketing, I moved back home and started working in construction. My dad convinced me to apply to jobs in Colorado. In Florida, I was into surfing and wakeboarding, so I thought why not try skiing? I applied and interviewed at a few ski resorts and throughout the process I felt that Aspen Skiing Company was a better fit for me.

What do you tell your friends that you do for work?
I tell them I ski for a living. This last year, I was able to take 3 runs a day to check in with staff at the two different stations that we have on Buttermilk.

What do you love about your job?
As much as I want to say skiing, it’s the people we’re surrounded by everyday. Not just my department, but the people that we coordinate with, whether it’s ski school, group and tours, the call center, lifts, etc. They make it easy to do my job. And of course, creating the dream vacation for the families that visit us.

What do you find most challenging about your job?
There aren’t many challenges really, but I would say when you have a frustrated family trying to get on the mountain as quickly as possible and there’s been a miscommunication among our departments and something doesn't go as planned. When the family’s issues are solved its very rewarding.

What skills or characteristics do you think your job requires?
I would refer to the four guiding principles, especially humanity and passion. You have to be humble when you work with people, and passionate for life in general — for the work that you do, the outdoors, and for caring for others.

What makes Aspen unique?
The company’s guiding principles align with my own personal beliefs so that is what really stood out to me. I use every opportunity to build community, to help people. Something as simple as when I see someone in the lift line skiing alone, I always ask if they want some company. These are things that almost every person in this valley does. Also, that initial phone call was what really set Aspen apart from other resorts. The interviewer asked me what I did for fun, and what made me passionate about working with other individuals. It makes sense, once I started work here it’s obvious that Aspen doesn’t have that corporate vibe that most ski resorts have.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a career or a season in Aspen?
Open yourself up to new experiences. If you come with an open mind, you will open yourself to a lot more opportunities. When I moved here, I thought that everything was as fancy as you could get it, but once I got here the first day I made 10 friends that I still hanging out with. Housing is hard to find at first, but the company helped me with that. In my second year, I have rented a place with roommates. It’s much easier to get settled once your network increases.

What makes you proud to work at Aspen Skiing Company?
I’m proud to work here because of the people that I work with. I’ve even had great, laidback conversations with the CEO and ownership. Also, the outdoors here are totally different than any other place I've been. I am constantly shocked, wide eyed, and happy every time I get outside and see the surroundings in which I work.