Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about employment at Aspen Snowmass, we have answers.

View of Highland Peak and Highland Bowl from atop Aspen Highlands

General Employment

Q: How should I prepare for an interview with Aspen Skiing Company?
We try to talk to as many people as possible who have shown an interest in working with us and we approach each conversation as a chance to get to know you as a person. However some inside tips and tricks about how that conversation will go are provided through our partnership with Mountain Careers job board + What Mountain Town Recruiters want you to know via Mountain Careers

Q: Does Aspen Skiing Company provide employee housing?
A: Yes, however housing is limited and preference is given to first season employees. If you are offered employee housing you will sign a lease and submit payment to hold your housing bed allocation. If your deposit and lease requirements are not fulfilled in a timely manner your bed is not secured. Leases are typically 5.5 months and not guaranteed for renewal. Employee housing is a temporary solution to help you feel acclimated to the Roaring Fork Valley.

Q: How early should I look for housing in Aspen / Roaring Fork Valley?
A: If you are lucky enough to know you’re moving to the Aspen area, or you receive a job offer. Start looking for housing immediately.

Q: How does Aspen Skiing Company handle employee training and safety?
Aspen Skiing Company prioritizes employee training, safety and wellbeing. We provide on-the-job training with managers and supervisors as it relates to your specific position. General training on a variety of wellness, safety and job-related topics is also provided via the BullWheel, our online learning management system.

Q: How do I become a Ski Patroller for Aspen Snowmass?
A: Ski Patrol at Aspen Snowmass is a highly sought after job, in order to qualify for our Basic Patroller you must be an expert skier in all conditions and weather. As well as having a current CPR certification and a minimum of Outdoor Emergency Care or Colorado EMT certification. To find out more about what our Ski Patrollers do, visit Ski Patrol HQ at Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands or Snowmass during the winter season. For more information about careers within Ski Patrol click here + Ski Patrol

Q: I don’t see the job that I want to apply for on, what do I do?
A: If you don’t see a job that you are interested in applying for now, just perform a search for your desired job category and return often to perform the search. We will be setting up job alerts soon to allow us to email you as soon as the job is posted.

Q: I don’t have a VISA, can I work at Aspen Skiing Company?
A: Without permission to work within the USA we cannot offer you a job. Aspen Skiing Company participates in the J1 Work and Travel and various other VISA programs. Our J1 Visa partners change regularly check out our International Applicants page for more information + International Applicants

Q: How do I get my Aspen Snowmass Ski Pass?
Once you have successfully onboarded you will receive a voucher from the Human Resources team. Your pass type depends on your year-round or seasonal status with the company. Once you have received your voucher from Human Resources you will take it to any Aspen Snowmass Ticket Office to receive your Ski Pass. Your Ski Pass is also a perks card, it is how you receive discounts across Aspen Skiing Company at our restaurants and stores.

Q: How many hours do I have to work before I am eligible for the Aspen Snowmass Ski Pass?
In order to receive any pass benefits you must work a minimum of 100 hours during a winter season, these employees receive a 20 day flex pass. To get a full pass you must work a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Q: Can I park at employee housing or my place of work?
Parking at employee housing is not guaranteed. It is given out at a first come first served basis. Please check with the housing department to see if there is availability. Employee parking is not available at The Little Nell, Limelight Hotels for hourly staff, however limited employee parking is available at specific mountains for all roles.

Q: What is the Aspen Skiing Company Grooming Policy?
A: Employees of Aspen Skiing Company Hospitality are asked to adhere to our personal grooming policy and maintain a neat and clean appearance. All hair must be a natural tone. It must be neatly trimmed and clean and without extreme variations in length or color. Male hair must be cut above the collar and above the ear. No more than one earring may be worn per ear. No other visible body piercing jewelry may be worn. Some grooming policies are specific to location so please check with manager prior to your arrival.

Q: Is my uniform provided?
A: Full or partial uniforms are provided to Aspen Skiing Company employees based on position. Please note you will be asked to provide certain aspects of your uniform including, but not limited to ski gear, warm weather gear, shoes, etc.

Q: I'm moving to Aspen for my first time. What do I need to bring with me?
A: Depending on the housing you've arranged (which we recommend arranging prior to your arrival), you may need to bring furnishings and kitchen supplies (i.e. bed sheets, bed, couch pots, pans, utensils). Additionally, it can be extremely cold in Aspen, so we recommend the following clothing items;
• Warm hat, mittens and scarves
• Winter coat and pants
• Warm waterproof snow boots and very warm socks
• Multiple layers (i.e., long underwear, sweaters)
• For hospitality roles - black pants and study non-slip footwear (depending on position; partial uniform is provided)
• For on-snow roles - Ski or snowboard equipment

Note: If needed, you can purchase everything in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Q: What happens to my data when I apply for a job at Aspen Skiing Company?
A: Click here to learn more about Aspen Skiing Company's career site privacy policy. We'll answer any questions you may have about data collection, application privacy, etc.

Q: How do I become a Ski Instructor or Snowboard instructor for Aspen Snowmass?
A: The Ski School and Snowboard School of Aspen Snowmass is one of the top rated ski schools in the world. In order to secure a job within our school, applicants typically must already have PSIA Level 2 or 3 or higher and/or equivalent certification and 2,000 documented teaching hours. However we do hire a limited number of inexperienced instructors, child care, instructor assistants, indoor and outdoor support roles every year (positions typically posted in July). For more information click here + Ski and Snowboard School

Ski and Snowboard School Employment

Q: When does Aspen Snowmass open and close?
Our winter season runs from Thanksgiving through the middle of April however, each of our mountains do have slightly different operating dates. Aspen Mountain and Snowmass both open earlier and stay open later than Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk.

  • November 23, 2023 - April 21, 2024Aspen Mountain:
  • November 23, 2023 - April 14, 2024Snowmass:
  • Aspen Highlands: December 9, 2023 - April 7, 2024
  • Buttermilk: December 9, 2023 – March 31, 2024

Q: When do I need to arrive in Aspen?
You should plan to arrive in Aspen no later than November 29, 2023. Your company onboarding will be your first day of work followed by one week of new hire training. Your mountain/division placement will determine exactly which session you are required to attend and you will receive your specific schedule in the fall.

  • NH Training Session 1: December 3-8, 2023 (Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Snowmass new hires)
  • NH Training Session 2: December 10-15 (Buttermilk new hires)

J1/COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY – You must arrive in town no later than December 13th. Your company onboarding will be your first day of work followed by one week of new hire training. Your new hire training will take place.

  • NH Training Session 3: December 17-22, 2023

Q: How much can I plan on working in a season?
Aspen Snowmass is a destination resort and our business levels follow the travel patterns of our guests. Key holiday and American school break periods are extremely busy while other times can be very slow.

Due to the nature of our business, we measure Full Time, Part Time, and Peak Part Time based on the total number of hours Pros work in a season, not the number of days worked in a week. You should expect to have a couple of long stretches that could be upwards of 7 days with no days off followed by slower stretches.

Q: What is the hourly rate of a ski/snowboard Pro?
Ski/Snowboard Pro pay is determined by your experience and certification level. The more certifications and experience you have the more you are paid. The starting rate for individuals with no certification or prior experience is $25.95.

We operate on a sliding pay scale, which means your pay will increase as you work more hours. Pay increases come every 225 hours worked. Additionally, you will receive an additional pay when teaching request private lessons.

Q: I am pursuing my Cert 1, 2, 3, etc. Is training available to help me with my goals?
Absolutely. The Aspen Training Academy runs an industry leading training program focused on talent development. We are home to 4 current National Team members, 15 national team alumni from various nations, and 35 active examiners. We run some form of training, either on snow or indoors, every day of the season across all four mountains. You will find options to aid you in your pursuit of higher certification, as well as elective training to help you become a well-rounded Pro.

Q: How many ski and snowboard Pros work for the Ski & Snowboard School?
There are roughly 1250 ski and snowboard Pros that work across our four mountains.

Q: Is employee housing available?
Employee housing is not available for ski/snowboard Pros. Employee housing is allocated to hourly support staff first as their earning potential is far less than Pros. We do maintain a waitlist in the event that there are unfilled beds however, you should not count on something coming up.

Finding housing is one of the more challenging parts of moving to the Roaring Fork Valley, but it is not impossible. With persistence, and a bit of flexibility, you will find something. Our team will provide you with resources and leads along the way to aid your search.

Q: Is it possible to maintain a second job while teaching?
Yes. As a Pro, your day will typically go from 9am-3pm on snow. You are welcome to seek out additional employment that fits with your teaching schedule. If hired, your schedule agreement will outline schedule expectations.

Q: Can I take time off during the season?
Key holiday and American school break periods are extremely busy and referred to as peak periods. During peak periods it is all hands on-deck and time off will generally not be permitted. Outside of peak periods you may request time off. Your coordinator or manager will be your primary point of contact for all time off requests. Can I take time off during the season?