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Housing in the Mountain West and in resort communities across the country is challenging. At Aspen One, parent company of Aspen Snowmass, we know that it’s a good business strategy to support our staff and elevate our community—here are some of the ways we’re confronting the issue. 

Aerial view of the four mountains at Aspen Snowmass, in the winter. White slopes and green pine trees on a blue bird day

Located in the heart of the Elk Mountains in central Colorado, Aspen and the greater Roaring Fork Valley offer year-round access to the great outdoors coupled with an incredible arts and culture scene. It’s a special place to live. However, like many resort communities, we’ve been highly impacted by the housing crisis challenging most ski towns.

Our Mission:

At Aspen One, we strive to provide stable, sustainable, and financially accessible housing that attracts the best talent in the world and allows them to stay and grow, with us and in our communities.


At the very foundation of our hierarchy of needs as humans is food and shelter. Lack of adequate or stable shelter can destabilize a family and weaken our communities. It’s easy to talk about a housing crisis and yet another thing to do something about it, day by day, family by family. We have been ahead of the curve, working on housing solutions since the 1970s. Twenty years ago, we had 72 beds for employees. Today, we offer 1,000+ beds, which equates to housing for about 20% of our employees. But there’s more to do.

Being a leader in housing our workforce is of paramount importance to us, but housing is not just housing. It is intrinsically tied to our values and to solving for traffic, climate, and sustainability issues. This is why we seek out innovation in building techniques, from the all-electric Hub in Willits to the off-site construction methods used to bring housing to The Yard. We believe it is also critical to consider where we house our workforce. Our projects prioritize proximity to mass transit, utilities, and groceries and services for residents. We lead the industry in our consideration of cost, both the cost to build and to operate, ensuring that our housing has the longevity to serve its residents for decades to come.

And it’s not just enough to house our own workforce. Solving our housing crisis will take a village, literally. We continually seek new opportunities with partners, who dedicate themselves to this issue tirelessly every day, to find dynamic solutions to this complex problem. Together we can ensure the health, resiliency, and sustainability of a well-housed community.

Aspen One employees can learn more about housing options and information here.

Tenants for Turns

Tenants for Turns incentivizes homeowners in the Roaring Fork Valley who are willing to rent an apartment, ADU, guest house, mother-in-law unit, or even an extra bedroom to an Aspen One employee.

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The Hub at Willits

The Hub at Willits is a 53,000-square-foot apartment complex with 43 units and 150 beds. The energy-efficient building was the first all-electric, multi-family building in Colorado, and is designed to offer 35 units to Aspen One employees and eight units to non-Aspen One employees who are licensed childcare workers in the area.

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