“We are the last generation that can fight climate change. We have a duty to act.”
–Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General

There’s a lot of fossil fuel use in Aspen, that’s for sure. But because of that, and as a privileged community, we must lead in reducing our own emissions, and serve as a model. Americans have the technology and policy know-how to rein-in carbon pollution. Taking action will be far cheaper than doing nothing and will offer huge benefits, including preserving Aspen as we know it. But we need your help.

Learn about how you can take action on this page.

Climate Change is impacting Aspen

snowpack in Aspen

snowpack in Aspen

Average Colorado temperatures have increased 2 degrees F in the last 30 years. Aspen has a month more frost-free days than in 1980.

Why We Need To Take Action

Carbon dioxide levels and temperature have always tracked together. Now CO2 is higher than it has been in at least 3 million years.

Know The Facts

Before you make the call to your congressman or representative, make sure you have all the facts. Check out these links below to brush up on climate data and make a stronger case as to why this stuff really matters.
· Protect Our Winters’ latest report on how climate change is impacting the world of winter sports.

· The Outdoor Industry Association’s national economy report and economy report for the state of Colorado.

· The City of Aspen’s Canary Initiative and what that means for greenhouse gas reduction.

· Aspen Global Change Institute’s initial study (2006) that describes the likely consequences of climate change on the City of Aspen.

· An updated publication (2014) of the Aspen Global Change Institute’s study on the future effects of climate change in Aspen.

· The Bureau of Economic Analysis' first statistics showing how outdoor pursuits like snowboarding, biking and boating ripple through the U.S. economy.

CO2 Graph showing Climate Change

CO2 Graph showing Climate Change

Take Action Now

US Capitol Take Action at Night

US Capitol Take Action at Night

Take Action In Colorado

Please send a personalized message to Colorado's representatives and yours, too. You can visit Protect Our Winters or use the numbers below and make a simple statement:
"I am spending money in your state on skiing and tourism, and I want our winters to be preserved for future generations. I care about climate change and want you to address the problem."

Representative Scott Tipton

Phone: 202-225-4761
Email Representative Scott Tipton

Senator Cory Gardener

Phone: 202-224-5941
Email Senator Cory Gardner

Senator Michael Bennet

Phone: 202-224-5852
Email Senator Michael Bennet

Take Action Nationally

Fighting climate change begins by making a call to Capitol Hill to make your voice — and the voice of millions of other citizens — heard.
The steps couldn't be simpler:
Step 1: Take a Stand
Despite efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to limit carbon pollution, many members of Congress continue to protect the interests of the fossil fuel industry. The time has come to take a stand and show them where their priorities really ought to be.

STEP 2: Make the Call
Head over to the Protect Our Winters (POW) where you can find your senators, contact them, and tell them we need to protect our planet by ramping up our fight against climate change. POW even has a script to make it easy and concise for you.
STEP 3: Share It
Go online and share with your friends and family that you have taken a stand against climate change.

Here's How Aspen Is Leading

  • Aspen’s corporate managers, government officials, and citizens lobby elected officials on climate.
  • Our community has strong partnerships with Protect Our Winters and Citizens Climate Lobby.
  • Aspen Center for Environmental Studies educates 6,400 youth every year about climate science, creating a new force of committed, ecologically literate activists.
  • The City of Aspen and Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) have set aggressive goals to reduce emissions.
  • The City and Pitkin County implemented one of the first carbon fees in the United States.
  • Our electric utility now runs on 100% renewable power.
  • ASC’s three megawatt waste-methane-to-electricity power plant eliminates three times ASC’s carbon emissions annually.

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