What's New for the 2022-2023 Season

Six big changes to look forward to next winter at Aspen Snowmass

Snowboarding now prohibited on Aspen Mountain
The 21-year trial period is complete.

After a 21-year test run, Aspen Snowmass has determined what we knew all along: Aspen Mountain is just not built for snowboarding. Beginning in the 2022-2023 season, the Crown Jewel will once again be reserved for those sliding on two planks. And no, split boards don't count.
Snowboarding was officially permitted for the first time on Aspen Mountain on April 1, 2001. Our two-decade experiment with snowboarding on our flagship ski area has come to a close because, in short, we’ve concluded that Aspen Mountain is just too difficult for snowboarders. Many snowboarders are resigned about a day they acknowledged was inevitable. Says one old-school shredder: “It’s all good. Snowboarding was better when they hated us anyway.”

Audi Presents: The Power of Four-Ever
It just keeps going, and going....

After a decade of thrilling Audi Power of Four race action—during which ski mountaineers in teams of two race across all four of our mountains in one grueling day—Aspen Snowmass has gathered feedback from longtime local competitors and will be significantly increasing the difficulty of one of winter's favorite events.
Now known as the Power of Four-Ever, the reimagined race will kick off on opening day of our 2022-2023 season, and will never end, as racers shuffle back and forth across Aspen Snowmass' four mountains in perpetuity. We encourage participants to begin training immediately.

New Groomba Technology to be Used Across All Four Mountains
The latest in grooming tech!

To continue elevating the world-class grooming our guests have come to expect, Aspen Snowmass is introducing a new line of Groomba snowcats. These fully-automated, programmable machines will sit stationary in their solar-powered charging docks until the lifts close, after which they will be dispatched by the dozens, swarming across the mountains mowing down moguls, smoothing out bumps, and laying out immaculate corduroy.

Developed through a unique partnership between Prinoth and Roomba vacuum company, these little dust-on-crust-devils will revolutionize grooming. Not only are Groombas environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, they also make previously ungroomable terrain (Walsh's, Highland Bowl) corduroy-ready.

And for a premium grooming experience, you can book your own Groomba, programmable through the Aspen Snowmass app to groom each run in front of you as you ski.* Rent a Groomba and never ski in someone else's tracks again.

*Aspen Snowmass is not responsible for the occasional grooming of small woodland animals. Groombas should not be operated under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or snowblades.

Aspen and Snowmass to Pilot New Sister City Program
Bridging the divide.

Starting in the fall of 2022, the city of Aspen and the town of Snowmass will engage in a Sister City exchange program in an effort to better understand one another's customs, culture, and communities. While the Sister City program was originally designed for cities stretching across the globe, local leaders feel the longtime disagreement regarding the two mountains' annual snow total is enough to make these towns eligible for participation.

The program will station interpreters at the base of each gondola to help translate the communities' various nuances—like Aspen's obsession with "T to Bs," and settling the question of whether the Cirque is actually good skiing or just a pile of rocks. Ongoing "roundabout-roundtable" discussions will take place to help break down barriers and answer questions that lead to cultural misunderstandings, like discovering where Snowmass' moguls are, or defining what exactly a "Snow Beach" is.

Locals from each community will be invited to participate in these gatherings to garner a deeper understanding of their Valley brethren—to immerse themselves in the lifestyle, learn the language, and grasp how parking actually works there.

Fort Frog Rebrands to Cloud Three
Mid-mountain revelry for ages three through eight.

In addition to the remodel at the base of Buttermilk, guests can look forward to the rebranding and renaming of Fort Frog to Cloud Three. Located at mid-mountain, the former saloon-themed kids' center will now mirror its parent-eatery, Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro at Aspen Highlands—famous for its fine dining and champagne parties. Cloud Three will be a third of the name, but triple the fun for kids ages three through eight.

Our youngest guests will enjoy the finest international cookies and candy, limited-edition flavors of Capri Sun, and for an added cost, will be able to spray Martinelli's Sparkling Cider from atop Cloud Three's outdoor picnic tables. DJ set lists will include the hottest new kids tunes, including "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and "Chipmunk at the Gas Pump," as well as classics like "Baby Shark," "Let It Go," and "Wheels on the Bus."

Please note, deposits will be required for all parties that include four-year-olds—because if we're being honest, most four-year-olds are totally insane. Parents will be provided with napping spaces in the new Bumps building, but must be present at the base of the mountain at 4pm sharp to collect their children when they are brought down via sled, post-party.

New "Immersive Experience" Debuts on Gent's Ridge Chairlift
In partnership with La-Z-Boy and Lay's Potato Chips.

While attending a ops meeting in the Gent's Ridge lift shack on Aspen Mountain, Ivan Nagoski, a first-year liftie from Kissimmee, Florida, found a button that had previously been hidden under a dust-covered safety manual. After careful inspection by lift maintenance, it was discovered that Gent's Ridge—better known as "the Couch" for its leisurely pace‚ has been running at half-speed since its installation in 1986.

After partnership discussions with multiple brands, Aspen Snowmass has decided to remove the button completely—the Couch's current speed being more conducive to the resort's new "analog reality" experience, sponsored by Lay's Potato Chips. For the duration of the 2022-2023 season, all chairs on the Couch will be equipped with cupholders, reclining La-Z-Boy seats, and VHS players (BYO VHS). Potential future partners include Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, and Snuggie.