We Know Why You’Ve Never Taken A Lesson

Excuses for Not Taking a Ski Lesson – and they're all avoidable

George Washington once wrote to his niece "it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one." While we are fairly certain this letter had nothing to do with taking a ski lesson, it seems appropriate nonetheless. After all, how many times have you embraced an excuse to not take a lesson?

It's OK. We get it. Excuses happen in life, but as Jonathan Ballou — Managing Director of the Aspen Snowmass Ski & Snowboard Schools — writes below, any excuse can be countered with a dozen reasons to take a lesson.

So whether you need a reminder of the basics, or you just want to refine your technique and take it to the next level, consider this your official excuse buster.

Excuse #1: I’M Already Good Enough

Excuses for Not Taking a Ski Lesson – and they're all avoidable
You probably are. But when was “good enough” ever good enough for you? You may not have your sights set on the Olympics, but what about being able to keep up with You-Know-Who? Or, maybe you’re tired of always being last down the mountain or being exhausted when you get there — you might be only a lesson away from smokin' ’em. Or how about a little snowboarding or telemark skiing to show your kids you’ve still got it? Remember, even the world’s best — including our pros — take lessons.

Excuse #2: Skiing Or Riding In Front Of Other People Is Kind Of, You Know, Embarrassing

Caught you! So you have been to ski/snowboard school before — just not here. We hate that humiliating “ski down” in front of everyone to “place” you. So we don’t do it. Just tell us where you belong. We believe you.

Excuse #3: Lessons Are Expensive

Excuses for Not Taking a Ski Lesson – and they're all avoidable
If the alternative is learning from your spouse, remember that our rates are really cheap compared to divorce (we’ve saved more relationships than most counselors). But even if you’re not married, lessons are a great value. Think of them as good-time insurance — a guaranteed way to have you zooming down hills, tackling more interesting runs, and getting the most possible fun out of your vacation dollar.

Best of all? Lessons are a safe investment. If you’re not happy, we’ll enroll you in another lesson.

Excuse #4: I Don’T Want To Be In Some Big, Anonymous Class

This is the best part. Personal attention flows freely — including help with anxiety over these new skills you’re learning. Want even more? Try a private lesson, either solo or with up to four friends, for the ultimate lesson experience.

Excuse #5: I Always Plan On Taking A Lesson, Really. But I Like To Wait ‘Til I Have My Ski Legs Back.

Here’s a secret: Fixing wobbly legs and generally helping you remember all the things you forgot over the summer is what Pros do best. We’ll have you skiing or riding better than you were at the end of last season. Then you’ve got your whole vacation to enjoy it.

No More Excuses

No More Excuses - Take a Ski Lesson at Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

No More Excuses - Take a Ski Lesson at Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Excuses busted, it's now time to sign up. Find the right Adult Lesson for your abilities and ambitions, and discover how the Aspen Snowmass Ski & Snowboard Schools can take your Colorado ski vacation (and everyone after) to a new level.
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