Bowl Laps? Track Them!

Bowl Laps in Highlands Bowl

There’s an app for everything.

Grocery shopping? Check. Finding a date? Check. Doing a lap on Highland Bowl? Check!

If you love to ski Aspen Highlands, you need to know about that last one. The feature is brand new and available on the Aspen Snowmass app — a digital hub for four-mountain info right from your pocket.

The app’s inaugural season was 2016/2017, and users were able to check snow reports, look at mountain maps, and connect their Aspen ID to see their ski days on each mountain.
“We like to say the app was built for skiers by skiers,” says Leah Swan, Digital Product Manager at Aspen Snowmass. “We pulled together ideas from both our guests and within Ski Co to build an app that is uniquely Aspen Snowmass.”

But there are new features for the 2017/2018 season you shouldn’t miss — especially an expanded stats and tracking section where you can not only track vertical feet skied on all mountains, but also track laps on Highland Bowl.

“Mike Kaplan (Aspen Snowmass CEO) was really passionate about the feature [bowl tracking], and he was ultimately the reason we felt it was necessary to add on,” says Swan. “Aspen Highlands, and specifically the Bowl, are both highlights of the Aspen Snowmass experience — it’s unique terrain that no other mountain can claim, and an essential feat for any visitor or local.”
“We like to say the app was built for skiers by skiers. We pulled together ideas from both our guests and within Ski Co to build an app that is uniquely Aspen Snowmass.”
–Leah Swan, Digital Product Manager at Aspen Snowmass

Fun Fact

Highland Bowl App Tracking

Highland Bowl App Tracking

The digital marketing team at Aspen Skiing Company spent a few summer and fall days hiking up Highland Bowl just to test the GPS pinpoints that power the app.

Here’s how it works:

GPS pinpoints have been set all over the four mountains and they’re able to track both downhill progress and location. These pinpoints are able to tell the app if you are going up a lift vs. going down a run and track accordingly. It’s a feature that took the better part of the 2016/2017 season (and the summer) to implement.

In fact, the digital marketing team at Ski Co may have spent a few summer days hiking up the bowl to test the app, wishing skis were on their backs and snow beneath their feet.

And while the tech behind these new features may have been complicated to implement, using them is not.
After downloading the app from the app store and inputting your Aspen Card ID and email, you’re ready to get tracking. Navigate to the “My Stats and Tracking” section, hit “Tracking,” and select your mountain. It’s that easy.

Suddenly you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable for those ten Bowl laps that were your New Year’s resolution. Keep that phone in a safe (and warm) pocket, grab your ski strap and get ready for the hike. Come April you’ll be proud to see that double digit — maybe even triple digit—Bowl lap count.
The app is free and available for iPhone and Android devices. A connection to WiFi is not necessary and you don’t even need cell phone service, because the GPS works regardless.

Stay tuned for next season, too, because the development process is nowhere near ending: “We have some serious momentum now with last season under our belt, and we will be making continuous improvements from here on out,” says Swan.

Some of the bigger items for next season include custom notifications (alerts for when new terrain is opening and when “powder pancakes” are being served), seasonal statistics so you can compare Bowl laps and vertical feet year over year, and more loyalty rewards.

“Those updates are just the tip of the iceberg,” says Swan. “We encourage feedback and questions — you may just see your feature request appear in a new version.”

For questions and feature requests email:

Published January 2018

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