5 Reasons To Put Your Kids In Ski Lessons

Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass

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Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass
Ski & Snowboard Schools Of Aspen Snowmass

Published January 2018

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Susan Linden, writer


Susan Linden has been wordsmithing as an advertising copywriter, feature writer, and storyteller since her college days. She left the whirlwind corporate world to live in the mountains and spends as much time as she can hiking, biking, and skiing in them. Working, playing, and raising a family in the Roaring Fork Valley for the last 29 years gives Susan a unique insider’s perspective to share.
Make the most of your vacation and your family time in Aspen Snowmass with ski or snowboard lessons for the kids. Aspen Snowmass has a program tailored for the kids in your family, whether they are toddlers, teens or between. There are good reasons to enroll your kids in lessons, some are overall reasons and others are more specific to Aspen Snowmass.

Overall Reasons

Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass
1. Children learn new skills faster and get on the right track early.
Aspen Snowmass Ski Pros are specifically trained and certified to teach children. When the learning experience is enjoyable and productive, it sets kids up for a lifetime of fun skiing or riding.
Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass
2. Enhance the time you spend together as a family by reducing stress.

By leaving the teaching to the Pros, you can use family time to enjoy each other. After their ski lessons, your kids will be thrilled to show you their new skills and tricks. They will show you their favorite trails, lead you on an adventure, and maybe even teach you a few things. Let them. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have.
Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass
3. Make your life easy

Traveling with children can be challenging. Just keeping track of everyone can be daunting. When you put your kids in lessons, ski school takes care of the details – equipment, lunch, keeping them organized, and keeping them happy. This gives you time and space to relax, take care of yourself, do adult things, and enjoy your vacation. Let’s face it, you probably need a little bit of that!

Reasons Specific To Aspen Snowmass

The Aspen Way is at the center of everything Aspen Snowmass. Love of community, the pristine mountain environment, and the way of life. The ski school community loves sharing all of those with guests, including the youngest ones. Learning to ski at Aspen Snowmass is about more than making turns.
Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass
4. Aspen Snowmass Pros make it an adventure

Falling in love with the sport and the mountain environment are primary. Learning to ski or ride is secondary.
Ski & Snowboard School for Kids at Aspen Snowmass
5. It’s not just about learning to ski or ride, it’s about kids becoming great people

The children’s Pros at Aspen Snowmass are more than teachers, they are in the business of child development. In lessons, kids learn to acquire life skills such as responsibility, decision-making skills, teamwork, and grit. Skills that will help them become the best version of themselves.
And what could be a better reason than #5?