The Dashboard

The dashboard of the Aspen Snowmass App will display your skier days, and give you direct access to the weather feed and overview. You'll also notice a ribbon displaying the 24 hour snow report. Each tab below breaks down as follows:

Mountain Conditions

Snow totals, broken down by mountain, in addition to trail and lift status.
Groom Report
Displays the trails that are open and groomed, broken down by mountain, with trails organized by the lift area they're associated with.
Lift Status
Displays each lift, and whether it's opened or closed in addition to displaying hours, what type of lift it is, the length of the lift and an approximate ride time.
Displays the current weather at each mountain, in addition to the 5-day extended forecast.
Mountain Cams
Gives access to each mountain's panoramic camera, in addition to the power of four roundshot camera.

Events & Activities

This tab displays all of our winter events in chronological order, in addition to all winter activities. Click on each event or activity card to get an expanded view, which has additional information, addresses when applicable, hours and links to even deeper event information (like registration pages, etc.).

Lift, Lessons & Rentals

This tab essentially gives you access to our location and overview pages that have pricing and purchase information on our lift tickets, passes, equipment rentals and lessons through our ski and snowboarding school.

My stats & Tracking

One of our favorite new features is My Stats & Tracking. This feature allows you to choose a mountain and track your downhill vertical feet throughout your day! With Tracking on at Aspen Highlands, you will also be able to track Bowl laps.

TIP: it is best to start tracking when you first arrive at the mountain; while on a ski lift; or at the top of trail. If you start tracking in the middle of a trail, your total vertical may not be counted for that run.

1. From the Dashboard, tap on My Stats and Tracking
2. On the Stats page, tap on the “Tracking” tab at the top of the page
3. If you have not turned on Location Services, tap “Always Allow” or follow the prompt to your “Settings”
4. Select a mountain by tapping on the mountain name – it will highlight in blue when selected
5. Tap on ‘Continue’
6. Start skiing or riding!

Important things to remember about Tracking:

  • This feature uses GPS technology. You can still use the GPS Tracking feature without cell service or WiFi connection, however you will need to login to see your Stats to start – this requires a cell connection OR WiFi, but once you are logged in, you can use the app throughout the day without connection.
  • Older devices and software may not be as accurate in tracking via GPS.
  • On many mobile devices, using GPS has a negative effect on battery life. Taking extra precautions, such as keeping your phone warm throughout the day, will help ensure that you can continue to use the Aspen Snowmass App all day long.
  • For the most accuracy in tracking, make sure you enable Location Services to “Always Allow” – setting your Location Services to “Only While Using” will cause discrepancies with the technology.
  • Tracking will turn off automatically after 8 hrs. Remember to turn on Tracking at the beginning of each new ski day.
  • If you leave the mountain boundary, you will be prompted to turn off Tracking when you reopen the app.
  • If you ski at more than one mountain during the day, you will need to turn on Tracking at the new mountain once you have arrived.


This tab displays a trail map for all four of our mountains: Snowmass, Aspen, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. These maps are also interactive, and require Location Services to be enabled in order to work as accurately as possible. You will need to turn on Tracking in order to view your location on the Map, but once you have turned on Tracking, the map will center to your location when you open the Map. If you are noticing errors or inaccuracies, first make sure your Location Services are set to “Always” or see our troubleshooting section for more details.