Connecting Your Account

In order to have an account and profile on the Aspen Snowmass App you'll need to select "Connect Your Account" in the on-boarding process. This step syncs your new app account with our database, which holds all of your skiing / riding data. This is how we are able to integrate and display your days skied / ridden on each of our mountains, and how in future phases we'll display even more of your skiing / riding data.

In order to Connect Your Account you'll need to have your Aspen ID, located on the back of your Aspen Card (which is your lift ticket / pass). With this information, in addition to your email address and last name, we'll be able to identify your profile in our database and activate your Aspen Snowmass app account. If you don't have your Aspen Card yet, you'll need to "Continue as Guest." This option allows you to access all other areas of the app that don't have personalized tracking features— you'll still be able to check weather and mountain conditions, events and activities, and information regarding our lift tickets, lessons and rentals.

If for some reason you're having issues, please contact our Guest Services team at 1-855-509-8642 . You might have a duplicate Aspen ID (which happens sometimes, if you've created more than one account for online purchases in the past).

Logging In

Once you connect your account in the app, you'll be able to log in going forward using the username and password you've set up previously. If you're having issues logging in, we recommend that you go through the "Forgot Password" process or give our Guest Services team a call at 1-855-509-8642.

Please note that your login information in the Aspen Snowmass App is the same as your login information to our eStore.

Continue As Guest

This option allows you to access every other part of the app, apart from customized sections that include personal skiing / riding data. For now, this only includes skier days broken down by mountain. In future phases this will be an integral part to our loyalty and rewards features, where you'll want to connect your account so you can earn rewards for where you ski, skier days, hitting all of our mountains up, etc.

This option is also required for guests under the age of 13. Please check out our Privacy Policy, or take a look at our Safety and Standards tab for more information regarding data collection as it pertains to minors.

Logging Out

You can log out of the Aspen Snowmass App simply by clicking the four horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard screen. You'll see an option to select settings, where the logout option sits. Once you log out, your personal data will be deactivated, but you'll be able to access all other public-facing features. You can log back in within that same location. Or, if you've closed out the app, you'll be prompted to login at the welcome screen.