Have questions about the Aspen Snowmass App? We’ve got answers! The new app has been built from the ground-up with you in mind, and it’s just the beginning. We have lots of long-term goals, hopes and dreams for the new app and understand you might have questions, especially if you had the LivePass app previously, or are just new to the ski app world in general. Feel free to click the right-hand links to navigate to different areas that are most commonly asked about.

We'll walk you through connecting your account and common login questions, give you a guide to the basic structure of the app and what's included, and touch on common questions and concerns in regards to protecting you and your data. In our Troubleshooting Tips section, we've got a few quick fixes for common problems, and we'll keep up-to-date information on bugs we already know about and are being fixed.

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently released a new version of the iPhone app into the Apple Store, where we've addressed a bug causing the app to sporadically crash. If you're experiencing issues with crashing, please be sure that you've updated your app to the most recent version.

1. We're currently fixing a caching issue, where snow totals, skier days and other data doesn't update upon first opening the app.

Need to report a problem? Email us at mobileapp@aspensnowmass.com