Our goal is to stay in business forever. To do that, we must remain profitable; solve climate change; treat our community well; and operate in a manner that doesn’t harm our local environment.

Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity, not to mention the ski industry. Because the problem is so big, the fix won’t come through changing light bulbs; government must act. That’s why our #1 priority is using the snow sports community as a lever to drive policy change.
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Aspen/Snowmass Visits Washington, D.C. to lobby on Climate Change from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo.

Green Operations
ASC has led the industry in reducing its environmental impact since 1997. Our priority: cut our carbon footprint.

Here are some of our projects:

147 kW Colorado Rocky Mountain School solar array, made possible with a $1.5 million investment by Aspen Skiing Company.

We recently partnered with the Elk Creek coal mine, Holy Cross Energy, and Vessels Coal Gas on a $5.5 million investment to capture waste methane vented from a coal mine in neighboring Somerset, Colorado to generate carbon negative electricity. Watch a video about this one-of-a-kind project.
We developed a 115 KW micro-hydroelectric plant on Snowmass Mountain. 
Sams_Smokehouse We completed four buildings to the LEED green building standard with a fifth being certified.  

ASC seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by 2020 from 2000 levels through increased use of renewables, development of low carbon generating projects and implementation of energy efficiency projects like The Little Nell's boiler retrofit project completed in 2011.



ASC gives almost $3.5 million annually in cash and in kind donations to the environment, child care, health care, and education.

The Environment Foundation was formed in 1999 as a way for employees to leverage corporate dollars to protect the environment. Over 1800 employees contribute a dollar or more per week from their paychecks; that money is matched more than three times, by Aspen Community Foundation, Aspen Skiing Company's Family Fund, and Swire Coca-Cola. In 18 years the foundation has donated almost $2.7 million to causes like clean energy legislation, trail maintenance, open space preservation and energy efficiency. 
CRES_Playground In 2011 Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) began offering all full-time year-round employees 16 hours of paid volunteer time. We’ve built homes with Habitat for Humanity, rehabilitated trails throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, and volunteered with numerous charities. If all eligible employees took advantage of this benefit we’d add 15,500 hours to the non-profit community, worth about $330,000. We are working towards ensuring 25% of the volunteers hours made available to our employees are used by 2017, that's 3,875 hours. In 2014, employees volunteered 1,600 hours and Aspen Skiing Company donated almost $3.5 million to 100s of local nonprofit organizations.
We-Cycle_Image The Aspen Skiing Company is proud to beWe-Cycle_Logo one of WE­-cycle's Founding Partners. Aspen should be a laboratory for change and should try new things. As the country’s first rural, mountain resort community bike share system, WE­‐cycle gives Aspen an opportunity to remain a leader among resort communities and become a pioneer in the field of alternative transit. At 1 pound of CO2 saved for every mile pedaled rather than driven, WE­‐cycle will help reduce Aspen’s carbon footprint.

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