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Eco-star Performer Program 
To encourage employee participation in environmentalism, and to solicit new ideas, Aspen Skiing Company created the Eco-Star Performer program, which awards employees for improving the environmental performance of the company. Winners receive a pin, a gift certificate, a letter from the CEO, and a chance to win a plane ticket anywhere in the U.S. Eco-Star performers have been recognized for a huge variety of activities, including deconstructing buildings, mandating use of single-ply recycled toilet paper and phosphate-free detergent, and building stools out of trees that had to be cut down, and streamlining hazardous waste collection.

Twice yearly, a hearty bunch of Aspen Skiing Company employees drives up to a four-mile stretch of Independence Pass Highway to pick up trash. The yield includes fluorescent bulbs, beer cans, tires and cigarette butts. Key finds have included a leaking mini lava-lamp and an intact muffler system.

The Green Letter
First produced in January of 1998, our intra-company environmental newsletter heightens environmental consciousness among employees. The Green Letter highlights employees who are making a difference, provides updates on current environmental issues, and solicits employee participation in improving our environmental performance. It's short, to the point, and designed to be posted at coffee-makers and water coolers to give busy employees thirty-second updates.

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