Visa Information

2015/2016 Winter Season Visa Information

We're excited that you are interested in employment with Aspen Skiing Company. It is important that you read all of this information very carefully.
Information you must consider before you decide to accept a position with Aspen Skiing Company:
·         Weather Risk: The winter resort industry is snow-dependent. While Colorado usually enjoys excellent snow conditions, sometimes snow comes late. If we experience low or delayed snow, we may be unable to open all or part of the ski area as scheduled. In that event, work may not be available to you.
·         Working in a foreign country: While in the U.S., you must be prepared to be self-sufficient. If you have substantial personal, family, or financial commitments that cannot tolerate uncertainty, our seasonal work may not be appropriate for your circumstances.
·         Embassy and Consulate procedures and policies: The policies for issuance of visas for foreign work and travel vary widely from country to country and from embassy/consulate to embassy/consulate. These procedures may also change from day-to-day. You should check with your consulate or embassy on a regular basis.
·         US Visa approval: US visa approval is conditional and does not guarantee that your local consulate or embassy will issue a visa.
·         Housing in Aspen: Housing is scarce and may be expensive. You should inquire in advance to determine whether you can find housing acceptable to you.  If you are interested in employee housing, you should discuss this with the department manager that you are applying with after you have completed the applicant process.
·         Timing of Visa approval and issuance: The timing for Visa approvals and issuance is beyond the control of ASC. We will make all reasonable efforts to help expedite the process, but we make no guarantees. You should carefully weigh the financial consequences to you that may result from visa delays and plan accordingly.
·         Travel arrangements: In making travel arrangements, you should consider the possibility that visa issuance maybe delayed. We strongly recommend that you not make any reservations that are non-refundable.
·         We are not accepting H2B Visa Applications.  


Walk-In Applicants will not be considered.  Please do not arrive without securing a position with the Aspen Skiing Company before your departure.  Positions will not be available.

Independent J-1 Applicants will be considered, only if you are a returning employee with the Aspen Skiing Company.  Please contact your current manager to let them know if you are interested in returning to their department or not. 

·    New J-1 applicants will be considered through CCUSA USE CIEE or WE-TAG as placement candidates only.  Please contact one of these two visa companies and they will help you apply for a job with us. 

o   Representatives from the Aspen Skiing Company will be recruiting in South America at the following job fairs: 

Interview dates in South America with USE:

August 10: Buenos Aires, Argentina

August 11: Mar del Plata, Argentina

August 17 & 18: Lima, Peru

Interview dates in Argentina with WE-TAG:

August 28: Buenos Aires, Argentina

August 31: Bariloche, Argentina

·    J1 Visas are valid for 5 months (November-April), 4 months of work and 1 month of traveling, however, Aspen Skiing Company is interested in applicants that are available to work mid-December through early-April.
Additional Aspen Skiing Company Information
Please keep in mind that employee housing is limited. We are not able to offer employee housing to all of our employees. If you are offered and accept a position ask your manager if housing is available for your department. For more information please visit the housing website at
Important Policies
It is the goal of Aspen Skiing Company to maintain a drug free workplace. All employment is conditional upon successfully passing a pre-employment drug test. If you are given a conditional offer of employment, you will be required to submit to a drug test as soon as you get to Aspen. It is also the policy of ASC that all employees adhere to the personal grooming policy and maintain a neat and clean appearance. All hair must be a natural tone. It must be neatly trimmed and clean and without extreme variations in length or color. Male hair, if worn longer then shoulder length, must be pulled back or worn in a ponytail or braid. No more than two earrings may be worn per ear. One small subtle nose stud is acceptable. No other visible body piercing jewelry may be worn. No visible tattoos.

We offer an excellent benefit package including a four mountain ski pass, health insurance benefits after a couple of weeks of work, discounted bus passes to get you to and from work, discounts at the mountain restaurants while working, discounts at our employee store and much more!

Again, thank you for your excitement in employment with Aspen Skiing Company. We hope to see you in Aspen/Snowmass next winter.

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