Group of mountain bikers at Snowmass

Mountain Biking Basics

If you are new to mountain biking, Bike Snowmass is the perfect venue to get started. Our pros at Four-Mountain Sports can outfit you with the right bike and the proper gear, and our private lessons and clinics can get you started on the basics of active stances, braking and other fundamentals.

Before you arrive, here are some helpful tips on mountain biking basics including what to bring and wear for the day.

What to Bring

Up on the mountain, at high elevation, you are more prone to sunburn and dehydration than you might think. Bring extra sunscreen (spf 30 recommended) as well as lots of water, ideally in a small backpack or Camelpak for easy access. Bring snacks (all this riding will make you hungry), and a few layers such as a raincoat or light jacket for inclement weather.

What to Wear

Rule No. 1: Wear a helmet. It’s required, and if you rent from Four-Mountain Sports, its included for free with a bike rental.

Rule No. 2: Stay comfortable. While you will be fine wearing standard summertime recreation clothing — sneakers, shorts and t-shirts — we recommend padded bike shorts and gloves (sold in stores such as D&E Retail) for enhanced comfort in the saddle. Gloves will not only protect your hands, but they’ll ease some of the pressure on your palms on downhill descents, when much of your body weight is applied to the handlebars.

Four-Mountain Sports also rents a safety package which includes elbow/knee armor and a full-face helmet for added protection. 

0"/0cm 24HRS
0"/0cm 48HRS
8"/20.32cm 7DAYS
15"/38.1cm BASE
Mostly Sunny
48F/ 9C HIGH
25F/ -4C LOW
Partly Cloudy
44F/ 7C HIGH
27F/ -3C LOW
Isolated Snow Showers
42F/ 6C HIGH
26F/ -3C LOW
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