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Pipes & Parks


Snowmass was voted #1 Park by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine in 2012!

Approximately 90 features in total including 22 foot Zaugg cut Superpipe.

Please note that all measurements are approximate and may vary at any time.

A. Lowdown Park Our very own introduction park, it consists of beginner and low intermediate level features. Look forward to  jib features (boxes and rails) and snow features from rollers up to small true table top jumps (starting at approximately 5 feet and moving up to approx 15 feet in length). Due to the gentle grade of the run this is perfect for hiking purposes. Include the park in a full Village Express or Burlingame laps, it is located on Lower Blue Grouse. Come get your feet wet!

B. Little Makaha Park Located on Lower Blue Grouse. This park consists of all low intermediate and intermediate features. There are about 25 features in total, a triple line of jumps and about 15 jib features including all shapes of boxes and rails. Great area for learning new tricks and working on progression. 

C. Snowmass Park Access this park by utilizing the Coney Glade lift-Snowmass top to bottom park lift. This park consists of advanced and expert features and also includes the Snowmass Superpipe and Pipe (22 foot Zaugg cut nightly). There are approximately 50 features located here. The expert jumps will start at approximately 40 feet and end at approximately 65 feet.  The forty + jib features range from flat boxes and rails to down flat downs and combos to bonks, wall rides, stair case and a host of all new jibs to be built this summer.

D. Bud Light Big Air Friday Jump   Approximately 55 foot step over jump on Fanny Hill used every Friday afternoon starting mid-February. Come and compete for cash and glory!

E. Fun Zones Scattered all over the hill you will find roller sections to get used to the feelings of trnsitions or perfect your butter tricks! Also look for our Boot Camp Park on Fanny Hill for introduction level features right as you get out of the Mall onto the slopes!

Terrain Park Etiquette and Safety Tips

2"/5.08cm 24HRS
3"/7.62cm 48HRS
7"/17.78cm 7DAYS
14"/35.56cm BASE
Scattered Snow Showers
33F/ 1C HIGH
12F/ -11C LOW
Scattered Snow Showers
44F/ 7C HIGH
16F/ -9C LOW
Partly Cloudy
47F/ 8C HIGH
14F/ -10C LOW
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