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Bike Descriptions

Demand more from your bike. Four-Mountain Sports rents some of the most advanced mountain bikes on the market, allowing you ride the trails of Bike Snowmass and the Roaring Fork Valley with supreme comfort and confidence.

We also have demo and performance options available in downhill, freeride, cross-country and road bikes. Want some more good news? All equipment rentals include helmets at no additional charge.

Downhill/Freeride Bikes

Availability: Only at the Snowmass Base Village location 

The downhill and freeride bikes available are for aggressive mountain biking and downhill riding. Demo options includes bikes from Giant (2012 Glory 2, pictured above, and Faith 0). Our performance selection include bikes from Norco (DH, Shore 2 & Truax). 

Ideal Bike Snowmass Trails for Downhill/Freeride Bikes: Valhalla, Easy Rider, Vapor, Espresso.

Get started by renting a downhill demo mountain bike or a downhill performance mountain bike in our eStore.

Kids Downhill Bikes

Availability: All locations These bikes are perfect for kids looking to take their downhill mountain biking skills to the next level.

Get started by renting a kids downhill mountain bike in our eStore.

Cross-Country Bikes

Availability: All locations

Full-suspension mountain bikes which are best suited on 4WD roads and single-track trails. Our demo fleet consists of Giant bikes (Anthem X29er 2, pictured above, and The Transe X3). 

Ideal Bike Snowmass Trails for Cross-Country Bikes: Tom Blake, Rim Trail, Powerline, Cross Mountain, Hunter Creek Trail and Government Trail.

Get started by renting a cross-county mountain bike in our eStore.

Road Bikes

Availability: All locations

Drop-bar road bikes provide the ultimate performance for conquering hills of all sizes for road riders. For comfort, we recommend that you bring your own pedals and shoes if possible. Our demo road bikes are from Giant (Avail Composite 2 and TCR Composite 1, pictured above), while performance bikes are from Norco (CRD 1 & XFR FORMA). 

Ideal Bike Snowmass Trails for Road Bikes: Maroon Bells, Ashcroft, Aspen to Snowmass via Owl Creek Road.

Get started by renting a road bike in our eStore.

Cruiser & Path Bikes

Availability: All locations

These bikes are great for cruising around town, as well as paved or packed gravel roads. We carry traditional cruisers from Giant (pictured above), Norco and K2. For riders seeking a more upright riding position, we also offer flat-bar road bikes from K2. 

Ideal Bike Snowmass Trails for Road Bikes: Rio Grande, Snowmass to Aspen (one way), and around downtown Aspen.

Get started by renting a cruiser bike in our eStore.

Kids Bikes, Striders, Trailers & Trail-a-Bikes

Availability: All locations

We have a wide variety of bikes and trailers to suit children 14 years and under. The bikes that we carry are 20-inch and 24-inch bikes from Norco.

Get started by renting a kids bike, strider or trailer in our eStore.

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