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Treehouse Tour

Take a tour of the Treehouse Kids' Adventure Center at the base of Snowmass. This gallery shows the individual theme rooms and facilities firsthand.

Entrance to the Treehouse Kids Adventure Center


Located at the base of the Village Express lift, in the Snowmass Village Base Plaza, the Treehouse Kids' Adventure Center is equal parts childcare facility and interactive learning space for kids. Our Colorado state-licensed daycare (with a registered nurse on staff) caters to infants and toddlers (ages 8 weeks to 4 years). 

Just inside the entrance are dedicated check-in and ski rental facilities for families dropping kids off for childcare as well as kids ski school lessons.

Snow Cubs room at Treehouse Kids' Adventure Center

Snow Cubs Room

The interior lobby of Snow Cubs has a fabulous fish tank to fascinate children for hours. 

Ages: 8 weeks to 4 years

Butterfly Room at Treehouse Adventure Center

Butterfly Room

Our Butterfly 1 and Butterfly 2 rooms accommodate our youngest guests. Children aged 8 weeks to 18 months will delight in the butterfly themed rooms with large butterflies and fluffy white clouds floating overhead. Includes nap facilities.

Ages: 8 weeks to 18 months

Trout Haven Room, Treehouse Adventure Center

Trout Haven

Your child will delight in the wonders of Trout Haven. Our river theme brings the nature indoors with a plexiglass trout pond complete with fish, reeds and fish surfacing holes for your child to explore. This room encourages hand-eye coordination with age-appropriate building blocks and promotes the development of imagination with work tools, and a cooking set. Includes nap facilities.

Ages: 12 months to 2 years

Fox Den room at Treehouse Adventure Center

Fox Den

The Fox Den accommodates children ages 2 and up with a unique cave designed to capture the mind of the inquisitive child. This room encourages exploration and growth with dress-up, a dollhouse and four-wheel bikes, dinosaurs, kitchen sets and a playground for snow or summer play.

Ages: 1 1/2 to 2 years

Beaver Room Treehouse Adventure Center

Beaver Lodge

Dedicated to children from 2 1/2 years of age who are ready to be introduced to the fun and joy of skiing with our all-inclusive package. Children enrolled in Cubs on Skis will spend time on-snow with our preschool-specific pros, and, after their skiing experience, will spend the rest of the day enjoying hands-on activities in the Beaver Lodge.

Ages: 2 1/2 to 2 years

Bear Den Theater

Bear Den

Our Snowmass Bears have their very own Bear Den located in the Treehouse and their own beginner area complete with obstacle courses. Prior to commencing their ski day, children will enjoy the nature theme complete with puppet theatre, bear grotto and loft.

Ages: 3 to 4 years (must be potty-trained)

Alpine Climb Room at Treehouse Adventure Center

Alpine Climb Room

This discovery areas lets children do what they do best — explore and climb, in a safe, multi-layered climb room. There is also a re-created miner's cabin and play loft worth checking out.

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