See the Top of Elk Camp Right Now

Wish you were atop Elk Camp right now, ready to burn down Burnt Mountain? Check out our new Roundshot camera from atop Snowmass and download the view at this very moment. The 360-degree image is so crisp, its like you're there.

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Interactive Grooming Map

Lift is open Lift is open
Lift Name Type Status
Coney GladeHS Quadcheck mark
Sam's KnobHS Quadcheck mark
Big BurnHS Quad
Alpine SpringsHS Quadcheck mark
High AlpineDoublecheck mark
CampgroundDoublecheck mark
Elk CampHS Quadcheck mark
Two CreeksHS Quadcheck mark
Assay HillQuad Fixedcheck mark
Treehouse CarpetSurfacecheck mark
BurlingameDoublecheck mark
Sheer BlissHS Quadcheck mark
Cirque Surface LiftSurfacecheck mark
Village ExpressSixPackcheck mark
Sky CabPulseGondolacheck mark
Burlingame CarpetSurface
Elk Camp Gondola8 Passenger Gondolacheck mark
Meadows CarpetSurfacecheck mark
Sun Kids Carpet #2Surface
Meadows LiftQuad Fixedcheck mark
Beginner Trail Beginner Trail Intermediate Trail Intermediate Trail
Black Diamond Trail Black Diamond Trail Double Black Diamond Trail Double Black Diamond Trail
Jumps and Kickers Jumps and Kickers Trees in trail Trees in trail
Open Groomed Run Open Groomed Run Trail is open Trail is open

Alpine Springs

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate TrailArt's Ulcercheck markIntermediate TrailCoffee Potcheck mark
Intermediate TrailCoffee Pot (Green Cabin to Lift #11) check markIntermediate TrailCoffee Pot (Lunkerville to Green Cabin)check mark
Intermediate TrailCoffee Pot (Restaurant to Steep Pitch)check markIntermediate TrailCoffee Pot (Top #8 Restaurant to Bottom #12)check mark
Intermediate TrailGranitecheck markIntermediate TrailGreen Cabincheck mark
Intermediate TrailGreen Cabin (Air Strip)check markIntermediate TrailGreen Cabin Lower (Little Max Park) check mark
Intermediate TrailLodgepolecheck markIntermediate TrailLog Deckcheck mark
Intermediate TrailLower Green Cabincheck markIntermediate TrailLower Lift #8 Liftlinecheck mark
Intermediate TrailLunkervillecheck markIntermediate TrailLunkerville (Puzzler to Naked Lady)check mark
Intermediate TrailLunkerville (Upper)check markIntermediate TrailNaked Ladycheck mark
Intermediate TrailNaked Lady (Lower)check markIntermediate TrailNaked Lady (Narrows)check mark
Intermediate TrailNaked Lady (Upper)check markIntermediate TrailNaked Lady (West Side -Upper)check mark
Intermediate TrailSlidercheck markIntermediate TrailSlider (Lower Lift #15 Liftline)check mark
Intermediate TrailSlider (Lower)check markBlack Diamond TrailTom's Tracecheck mark
Intermediate TrailTurkey Trotcheck markIntermediate TrailTurkey Trot (Lower)check mark
Intermediate TrailTurkey Trot (Road)check markIntermediate TrailTurkey Trot (Steep Pitch)check mark

Big Burn

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate TrailAlpine Summer Roadcheck markBlack Diamond TrailCamp Threecheck mark
Intermediate TrailCoyote Hollowcheck mark
Trees in Trail
Intermediate TrailCoyote Hollow/Timberlinecheck mark
Intermediate TrailDallas Freewaycheck markBlack Diamond TrailFree Fallcheck mark
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailFree Fall/Glissadecheck markBlack Diamond TrailGarret's Gulch
Black Diamond TrailGlissadecheck mark
Trees in Trail
Intermediate TrailLower Timberline (Both Sides)check mark
Beginner TrailMax Parkcheck markIntermediate TrailMick's Gullycheck mark
Black Diamond TrailPowerlinecheck markIntermediate TrailRocky Mountain Highcheck mark
Intermediate TrailSheer Blisscheck markIntermediate TrailSheer Bliss (East Fork)check mark
Intermediate TrailSheer Bliss (Narrows)check markIntermediate TrailSheer Bliss (West Fork)check mark
Black Diamond TrailSheer Bliss/Coyote Hollow/Garret's Gulchcheck markIntermediate TrailSneaky'scheck mark
Intermediate TrailSneaky's (Lower East Fork)check markIntermediate TrailSneaky's (Main Trail)check mark
Intermediate TrailTimberlinecheck markIntermediate TrailTimberline (Center of the Burn)check mark
Intermediate TrailTimberline (Lower)check markIntermediate TrailTimberline (Upper Liftline)check mark
Intermediate TrailTimberline/Sneaky's/Mick'scheck markIntermediate TrailTrestlecheck mark
Black Diamond TrailWest Facecheck mark
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailWest Face/Free Fallcheck mark
Intermediate TrailWest Sneaky'scheck mark
Trees in Trail
Intermediate TrailWhispering Jessecheck mark
Intermediate TrailWineskincheck mark


RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Black Diamond Trail#5 Liftlinecheck markBlack Diamond TrailBear Clawcheck mark
Black Diamond TrailBear Claw (Lower - Below Road)check markBlack Diamond TrailBear Claw (Middle - Above Road) iddle - Above Road)check mark
Black Diamond TrailCampground (Lower)check markBlack Diamond TrailCampground (Upper)check mark
Intermediate TrailCampground Roadcheck markBlack Diamond TrailHowlercheck mark
Double Black Diamond TrailPowderhornBlack Diamond TrailSlot (Lower)check mark
Black Diamond TrailWildcatcheck markBlack Diamond TrailWildcat (Flats)check mark
Black Diamond TrailZugspitzecheck mark

Coney Glade

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate TrailBlue Grousecheck markIntermediate TrailBlue Grouse (Lower)check mark
Intermediate TrailBlue Grouse (Race Arena)check markIntermediate TrailCabincheck mark
Intermediate TrailCabin (Below Lunchline)check mark
Trees in Trail
Intermediate TrailCabin Cut Offcheck mark
Intermediate TrailConey Gladecheck mark
Jumps and Kickers
Beginner TrailDawdlercheck mark
Beginner TrailDawdler (Dawdler Road)check markBeginner TrailDawdler (Dawdler to Krabloonik)check mark
Beginner TrailDawdler (Ski School Check Out)check markBeginner TrailDawdler (Summer Road to Scooper)check mark
Beginner TrailFanny Hillcheck markIntermediate TrailHal's Hollowcheck mark
Intermediate TrailHal's Hollow (Lower)check markIntermediate TrailLift #2 Liftlinecheck mark
Intermediate TrailLower Banzaicheck markBeginner TrailLunchline (Lower)check mark
Beginner TrailLunchline (Upper)check markIntermediate TrailMonkshoodcheck mark
Beginner TrailNor Waycheck markBeginner TrailScooper (Lower)check mark
Beginner TrailScooper (Upper)check markIntermediate TrailVelvet Fallscheck mark
Intermediate TrailVelvet Falls (Lower)check mark

Elk Camp

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate Trail#10 Liftlinecheck markIntermediate TrailAdam's Avenue (Coffee Pot to Fanny Hill)check mark
Intermediate TrailAdam's Avenue (Lower)check markIntermediate TrailAdam's Avenue (Naked Lady to Lunkerville)check mark
Intermediate TrailAdams Avenue (Slider to Naked Lady)check markIntermediate TrailAdam's Avenue (Upper)check mark
Beginner TrailAssay Hillcheck markIntermediate TrailBear Bottomcheck mark
Intermediate TrailBottoms Upcheck markIntermediate TrailBull Runcheck mark
Intermediate TrailBull Run (Narrows - Both Sides)check markIntermediate TrailBull Run (Spike Hollow)check mark
Beginner TrailConnection Assay Hill to Fanny Hillcheck markBeginner TrailElk Camp Meadows (Beginner)check mark
Intermediate TrailFunnelcheck markBeginner TrailFunnel (Lower)check mark
Intermediate TrailFunnel (Steep Pitch Only)check markBeginner TrailFunnel Bypasscheck mark
Intermediate TrailGrey Wolfcheck markIntermediate TrailGrey Wolf (Ball Park)check mark
Intermediate TrailGrey Wolf (Bottom Park)check markIntermediate TrailGrey Wolf (Lower Flats)check mark
Intermediate TrailGrey Wolf/Bull Runcheck markIntermediate TrailGunners Viewcheck mark
Beginner TrailMeadows Cut Offcheck markIntermediate TrailNo Namecheck mark
Intermediate TrailPitch into Deadhorse Parkcheck markIntermediate TrailSandy Parkcheck mark
Intermediate TrailSandy Park/Gunner's Viewcheck markBeginner TrailTop of #11 Bowl to Funnelcheck mark

Gated Areas

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Double Black Diamond TrailA.M.F.check markBlack Diamond TrailA-Line
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailBaby Ruthcheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailBaby Ruth 1check mark
Double Black Diamond TrailBuckskinDouble Black Diamond TrailCirque Headwallcheck mark
Double Black Diamond TrailDikescheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailEast 1 and 2check mark
Double Black Diamond TrailFrog Pondcheck markDouble Black Diamond TrailGowdy'scheck mark
Double Black Diamond TrailH.V.Gladescheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailHanging Val Wallcheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailHang-On-HalvinsDouble Black Diamond TrailHigh Pass to H.V.check mark
Double Black Diamond TrailHV Headwallcheck markDouble Black Diamond TrailK.T.check mark
Double Black Diamond TrailLower Laddercheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailPitch In The Valleycheck mark
Double Black Diamond TrailPossible
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailRio
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailRoberto'scheck markDouble Black Diamond TrailRock Islandcheck mark
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailSplit Tree
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailSunspotcheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailUpper Laddercheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailValley, Valley/Big Sprucecheck mark
Double Black Diamond TrailWeird Woodscheck mark
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailWest 1 and 2check mark

High Alpine

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate TrailGreen Cabin (Pitch to Bottom #9)check markBlack Diamond TrailReidar'scheck mark
Black Diamond TrailReidar's/Green Cabincheck markBlack Diamond TrailShowcasecheck mark
Black Diamond TrailShowcase/Reidar'scheck markBlack Diamond TrailThe Edgecheck mark
Intermediate TrailUpper Green Cabincheck mark


RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Black Diamond TrailHalf Pipe above Lynn Britcheck markBlack Diamond TrailLow Down Parkcheck mark
Black Diamond TrailMakahacheck markBlack Diamond TrailTerrain Park above Lynn Britcheck mark

Sam's Knob

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate TrailBanzai Ridgecheck markBeginner TrailBridges Routecheck mark
Black Diamond TrailFast Drawcheck markBlack Diamond TrailLower Promenade/Zugspitzecheck mark
Intermediate TrailMoonshinecheck markBeginner TrailMousetrapcheck mark
Jumps and Kickers
Trees in Trail
Intermediate TrailPipelinecheck markBlack Diamond TrailPromenadecheck mark
Black Diamond TrailPromenade (Lower)check markBlack Diamond TrailSlot (Middle)check mark
Black Diamond TrailSlot (Upper)check markBeginner TrailSummer Roadcheck mark
Intermediate TrailSunnysidecheck markIntermediate TrailUte Chutecheck mark

Two Creeks

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate TrailCascadecheck markIntermediate TrailCreeksidecheck mark
Intermediate TrailEast BranchIntermediate TrailEddy Out
Intermediate TrailLong Shot
Trees in Trail
Intermediate TrailWest Fork
Intermediate TrailWest Fork Glades
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0"/0cm 24HRS
0"/0cm 48HRS
11"/27.94cm 7DAYS
83"/210.82cm BASE
Scattered Showers
49F/ 9C HIGH
30F/ -1C LOW
Isolated Storms
58F/ 14C HIGH
33F/ 1C LOW
Partly Cloudy
62F/ 17C HIGH
28F/ -2C LOW
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