audi power of four 50k

Race Course Information


The Audi Power of Four Trail offers runners a scenic mix of trails across the mountains of Aspen Snowmass. 

50K – 12,178’ elevation gain/11,632’ elevation loss
25K – 4,918’ elevation gain/4,483’ elevation loss

Segment 1: Aspen Mountain13.25 KM (8.23 Miles), 3,811’ elevation gain/3,412’ elevation loss

  • Start on the west side of gondola plaza (Residence’s at Little Nell side)
  • Climb Little Nell
  • Turn left at bottom of Bell Chair to Bingo Slot
  • Up Spar Gulch to base of Ajax Express Chair
  • Follow Deer Park Trail
  • Climb Silver Bell to summit at Sundeck
  • Descent Midnight Mine Road to Castle Creek Road

Segment 2: Aspen Highlands
11.70 KM (7.27 Miles), 3,600’ elevation gain/3,859’ elevation loss

  • Run up the Congo Trail
  • Follow Grand Traverse to summer road
  • Climb Summer Road to Patrol Headquarters
  • Descend Broadway to Wine Ridge
  • Descent to Base Area via T-Lazy 7 Road to Summer Road
  • Run across Maroon Creek Rd to Maroon Creek Trail
  • Turn left on bridge across Maroon Creek and climb to Tiehack lot

Segment 3: Buttermilk
12.87 KM (8 miles), 3,176’ elevation gain, 1,847’ elevation descent

  • From Tiehack Parking Lot follow trail up Eagle Hill
  • Continue on trail up Sterner Gulch
  • Follow trail up Ptarmigan to top of Tiehack
  • Pass Cliff House and continue up Tom’s Thumb towards top of W Buttermilk
  • At the top of W Buttermilk Lift go past warming hut out the gate to follow trail along the ridge
  • Turn right and descent trail through Sugar Bowls
  • Turn left on Government Trail and follow to Snowmass ski area gate

Segment 4: Snowmass
12.46 KM (7.74 miles), 1,742’ elevation gain, 2,636’ elevation loss

  • From Government Trail gate onto Snowmass turn left and follow Elk Camp road up a few hundred feet
  • Turn right onto Government Trail/Vista Trail and then turn left onto Vista Trail
  • Follow Vista Trail to Elk Camp Restaurant turning left behind restaurant and following road to the right around the restaurant
  • From Elk Camp Restaurant follow Summit Trail uphill
  • Turn right on Sierra Club Loop
  • Turn left in field and follow Expresso (there are two locations this trail crosses roads and the trail follows the road uphill until you see signs for the trial)
  • Turn left on Cross Mountain Trail after series of switchbacks
  • Follow Cross Mountain trail past Ullrhof Restaurant (bear right after large wood bridge)
  • Continue on road past restaurant through tunnel and bear left onto Village Bound after you go through the tunnel
  • Follow Village Bound past the base of Sam’s Know chair (do not turn left on Government Trail)
  • Follow Village Bound Trail until it merges with road and turn right at the wide merger of trail and road
  • Continue down the road passing a building on the left and straight onto trail running downhill parallel to the work road
  • Follow this trail down to where it ends on the road next to the Fanny Hill concert stage and run down the road to the right of the stage.
  • Run down the switchbacks on Fanny Hill to the finish in base village.

50K – The challenging 50K course will traverse all four Aspen Snowmass mountains starting at Aspen and finishing in Snowmass. .

22K – The 22K will start at the base of Tiehack on Buttermilk and traverse the government trail to Snowmass. 

Vertical K – This course will challenge participants to the fastest time up Aspen Mountain covering approximately 3 miles and 1 KM of elevation gain.

2014 Course

Final course subject to change*

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