audi power of four 50k

Race Course Information


The Audi Power of Four Trail offers runners a scenic mix of trails across the mountains of Aspen Snowmass. 


50K – The challenging 50K course will traverse all four Aspen Snowmass mountains starting at Aspen and finishing in Snowmass. The 2014 course had 9,600’ in elevation gain and 9,300’ in elevation loss. The course will be similar to 2014 covering the scenic government trail on Buttermilk and portions of Snowmass.

22K – The 22K will start at the base of Tiehack on Buttermilk and traverse the government trail to Snowmass. The 2014 course had 3,500’ of elevation gain and 3,100’ of elevation loss.

Vertical K – This course will challenge participants to the fastest time up Aspen Mountain covering approximately 3 miles and 1 KM of elevation gain.

2014 Course Description

Click on each stage name to download GPS track. Use Google Earth to open them once you have downloaded. These show elevation profiles and distance of each segment.

Download 50K Course GPS Track here

Download 22K Course GPS Track here

Segment 1: Aspen Mountain Frontside & Midnight Mine

10.32 miles, 3900' elevation gain/3,600' elevation loss

  • Start on the west side of gondola plaza (Residence's at Little Nell side)
  • Run up the road to the Ajax Trail and follow to the intersection with Scotty's trail, Ajax trail and summer road
  • Follow Scotty's Trail up the front of Aspen Mountain. The trail will be marked soon. Here are directions to follow the trail:
  • At the top of Slalom Hill turn left on tower 10 road
  • Continue on the road around Kleenex Corner to the bottom of Last Dollar
  • Turn right up single track on Last Dollar/Cone 1
  • At the top, turn left on the road and then turn right on the next road.
  • After 100', turn left on single track.
  • Follow single track until you arrive at ditch and turn left.
  • Continue along ditch until it ends at single track in Upper Spar Gulch
  • Follow single track up through Tortilla Flats past the bottom of Ajax Express chairlift
  • Just before you reach Summer Road turn left on single track
  • Climb single track through Lower Blondies and up through NASTAR course
  • Turn right up Summer road for 100' to the entrance to East Rim Trail on the left
  • Run up East Rim Trail to the Sundeck (East Rim is signed)
  • From the Sundeck run down Midnight Mine Rd. to Castle Creek Rd.

  • Segment 2: Aspen Highlands

    6.52 miles, 2,200' elevation gain/2,600' elevation loss

  • Run up the Congo Trail to the Summer Rd. 
  • Run down the Summer Rd. to Highlands Base Village
  • Run across Maroon Creek Rd. to the bike path and over to the Tiehack Bridge

  • Segment 3: Buttermilk (Tiehack/Government) *Start for 22K (Rec) race

    6.4 miles, 2,100' elevation gain/800' elevation loss

  • Make a left just across the Tiehack bridge and cross the road to enter the Government Trail 
  • Run Government Trail across Buttermilk
  • Continue on Government Trail off Buttermilk through the West Buttermilk Gate
  • Follow Government Trail to Snowmass

  • Segment 4: Snowmass

    7.6 miles, 1,400' elevation gain/2,300' elevation loss

  • From Government Trail gate onto Snowmass turn left and follow Elk Camp road up a few hundred feet
  • Turn right onto Government Trail/Vista Trail and then turn left onto Vista Trail 
  • Follow Vista Trail to Elk Camp Restaurant turning left behind restaurant and following road to the right around the restaurant 
  • From Elk Camp Restaurant follow Expresso Trail (there are two locations this trail crosses roads and the trail follows the road uphill until you see signs for the trial)
  • Turn left on Cross Mountain Trail after series of switchbacks
  • Follow Cross Mountain trail past Ullrhof Restaurant (bear right after large wood bridge)
  • Continue on road past restaurant through tunnel and bear left onto Village Bound after you go through the tunnel
  • From Village Bound, make a left on Government Trail just before going under Sam's Knob Chairlift
  • Follow Government under Campground Chairlift and turn right onto Connector Trail
  • Run down switchbacks on Connector Trail until it becomes one with road
  • Stay on the road (do not turn left onto Connector) up a short hill and turn left onto Village Bound Trail
  • Follow Village Bound Trail until it merges with road and turn right at a large pile of down trees
  • Continue down the road passing a building on the left and straight onto trail running downhill parallel to the work road
  • Follow this trail down to where it ends on the road next to the Fanny Hill concert stage and run down the road to the right of the stage.
  • Run down the switchbacks on Fanny Hill to the finish in base village.

  • Final course subject to change*

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