racers start the annual power of four ski mountaineering race

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Supporting friends/family as they move towards the finish line?  

Here are a few spots to cheer on your favorite athletes in-person...

The Comfort of Your Home:  Click here for live racer tracking

Sport Start:  If you're a hearty enough supporter you can catch the Sport start at 6am at Snowmass Base Village.  Fair warning: It'll be dark and the athletes will be out of sight in less than a minute.

Rec Start:  The Recreation start is also very accessible with it's 8am start at the base of Aspen Highlands.  They'll start just past the aid station that is set-up for the Sport course competitors at the base of the Thunder Bowl.  It's a great spot to watch as you have pretty good visibility through the top of the Thunder Bowl.

Aid Station #1:  The 1st Aid Station is in the Aspen Highlands Base Village (right across from Aspen Expeditions) and is the first pretty solid place to cheer on your athlete.  You can catch them coming through the village, transitioning, then charging up Thunder Bowl.

Top of Loge Peak (Aspen Highlands):  Easy to access via lifts and aside from taking in the great views you can cheer on racers as they head up Broadway and begin their ascent of the famed Highland Bowl.

Top of the Highland Bowl (Aspen Highlands):  This vantage point requires a bit of work (you need to hike up the Bowl, which, depending on fitness, takes between 20 and 45mins) but it's well worth it if the weather is right.  If Mother Nature gives us a mellow, sunny day I'm not sure you could find a better place to watch the racers charge up the Bowl and descend towards the Congo Trail.  Note: There is no seating or hut of any kind up there; you'd be sitting on your equipment/the snow.

Intersection of Castle Creek Rd. & Midnight Mine Rd:
  This is a quick spot to catch your athlete as they finish their descent of the thigh-burning  Congo Trail and begin the long climb up Midnight Mine Rd.  Note: There is only parking for a few cars.

Top of Aspen Mountain:  As racers finish the grueling climb up Midnight Mine they'll be really glad to see some familiar faces cheering them on as they head towards Walsh's to being their final descent towards the Finish.

Finish:  Join us in Gondola Plaza at the base of Aspen Mountain all afternoon for live updates and the race to the finish.

1"/2.54cm 24HRS
3"/7.62cm 48HRS
8"/20.32cm 7DAYS
18"/45.72cm BASE
Partly Cloudy
45F/ 7C HIGH
23F/ -5C LOW
Partly Cloudy
45F/ 7C HIGH
18F/ -8C LOW
Partly Cloudy
43F/ 6C HIGH
19F/ -7C LOW
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