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Trail Lift Grooming Map

Lift is open Lift is open
Lift Name Type Status
GondolaGondolacheck mark
Bell MountainDouble
Ajax ExpressQuadcheck mark
Little NellQuad
Shadow MountainDouble
Beginner Trail Beginner Trail Intermediate Trail Intermediate Trail
Black Diamond Trail Black Diamond Trail Double Black Diamond Trail Double Black Diamond Trail
Jumps and Kickers Jumps and Kickers Trees in trail Trees in trail
Open Groomed Run Open Groomed Run Trail is open Trail is open

Aspen Mtn - Black Trails

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Black Diamond TrailAztecBlack Diamond TrailBack of Bell 1
Black Diamond TrailBack of Bell 2
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailBlazing Star
Black Diamond TrailBlondie'sBlack Diamond TrailFace of Bell
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailFIS Slalom HillBlack Diamond TrailFIS Trail
Black Diamond TrailGentleman's RidgeBlack Diamond TrailGent's Flats
Black Diamond TrailGlade #1
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailInternational - Lower
Black Diamond TrailInternational - UpperBlack Diamond TrailKeith Glen
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailKnowlton's
Trees in Trail
Black Diamond TrailLud's Lane
Black Diamond TrailNorthstar SteepsBlack Diamond TrailPercy
Black Diamond TrailPussyfoot SteepsBlack Diamond TrailRed's
Black Diamond TrailSchiller RoadBlack Diamond TrailSeibert's
Black Diamond TrailSpring PitchBlack Diamond TrailSummit
Black Diamond TrailSunset/Sunrise

Aspen Mtn - Blue Trails

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Intermediate Trail5th Avenue (east)Intermediate Trail5th Avenue (west)
Intermediate TrailBellissimo (lower)Intermediate TrailBellissimo (upper)
Intermediate TrailBuckhorn (lower)Intermediate TrailBuckhorn (upper)
Intermediate TrailBuckhorn CutoffIntermediate TrailCopper (lower)
Intermediate TrailCopper (upper)check markIntermediate TrailCopper Bowl
Intermediate TrailCopper ConnectorIntermediate TrailDeer Parkcheck mark
Intermediate TrailDipsy (lower)Intermediate TrailDipsy (upper)
Intermediate TrailEasy ChairIntermediate TrailGene Reardon's Run
Intermediate TrailGretl'sIntermediate TrailLazy 8 Gully
Intermediate TrailLazy BoyIntermediate TrailLittle Nellcheck mark
Intermediate TrailMagnificoIntermediate TrailMagnifico Road
Intermediate TrailMidnightIntermediate TrailMidnight Glades
Intermediate TrailMidway RoadIntermediate TrailNASTAR Course
Intermediate TrailNorth AmericanIntermediate TrailNorthstar (upper)
Intermediate TrailOne and Two Leafcheck markIntermediate TrailPumphouse Hill
Intermediate TrailPussyfoot FlatsIntermediate TrailRoch Run (lower)
Intermediate TrailRoch Run (upper)Intermediate TrailRuthie's Run
Intermediate TrailSchuss GullyIntermediate TrailSilver Bellcheck mark
Intermediate TrailSilver DipIntermediate TrailSpar Gulchcheck mark
Intermediate TrailStrawpileIntermediate TrailSummer Road
Intermediate TrailTourtelotte ParkIntermediate TrailTower Ten Road

Aspen Mtn - Double Black

RatingTrail NameStatusFeaturesRatingTrail NameStatusFeatures
Double Black Diamond Trail1A Lift LineDouble Black Diamond TrailBear Paw
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailCorkscrewDouble Black Diamond TrailCorkscrew Gully
Double Black Diamond TrailFranklin DumpDouble Black Diamond TrailGlade #2
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailGlade #3
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailHyrup's
Double Black Diamond TrailJackpot
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailKristi
Double Black Diamond TrailLast DollarDouble Black Diamond TrailNiagra
Double Black Diamond TrailNorwayDouble Black Diamond TrailPerry's Prowl
Double Black Diamond TrailRidge of BellDouble Black Diamond TrailShort Snort
Double Black Diamond TrailShoulder of Bell
Trees in Trail
Double Black Diamond TrailSilver Queen
Double Black Diamond TrailSilver RushDouble Black Diamond TrailSuper 8
Double Black Diamond TrailWalsh'sDouble Black Diamond TrailZaugg Dump

0"/0cm 24HRS
0"/0cm 48HRS
13"/33.02cm 7DAYS
22"/55.88cm BASE
Isolated Snow Showers
46F/ 8C HIGH
14F/ -10C LOW
27F/ -3C HIGH
14F/ -10C LOW
Light Snow
21F/ -6C HIGH
10F/ -12C LOW
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