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LivePass Mobile App

We’ve been hard at work making sure this is the best version of LivePass yet. We’ve optimized it for iOS 7 and Android 4.x, added a bunch of new features, and a whole new look you’re sure to love. Best of all, it’s completely FREE and works in conjunction with your Aspen Snowmass Aspen Card (RF Card).

What’s New
  • New Design – We’ve created an entirely new interface optimized for iOS 7 and Android 4.x. It’s more modern, easier to use, and has live weather right on the home screen.
  • Live Roundshot Cameras – Browse our 360 degree high resolution cameras from the palm of your hand. See realtime conditions before you head out for your day.
  • Run Tracker Improvements – The GPS run tracking feature is more polite on your battery, shows your runs over Google Maps, and allows you to syncronize the data up to our secure cloud storage network. If you accidentally lose your phone, your data is backed up – you never lose your GPS runs!
  • Live Weather – Every time you open the app you’ll see live weather on the home screen, not a forecast, what’s actually happening at the mountain in realtime.
  • Number of Days Skied / Ridden – When you log into LivePass with your Aspen Snowmass e-store account you’ll see your pass/ticket photo and the number of days you’ve ridden this season. No need to keep track yourself!
  • Username & Password Retrieval – Forget your password to the Aspen Snowmass e-store? LivePass allows you to email yourself a new password so you can access the app.

Where to Download LivePass



    Logging Into LivePass

    In order to get the most out of Aspen/Snowmass LivePass, log in with your Aspen/Snowmass eStore account. Not sure if you have an eStore account? Lose your password? No problem, just click here and we can remind you of your login information — or — create an account that you can link to your lift ticket or season pass. 

    I Don’t Know If I Have An eStore Account

    1. Visit our eStore Online Account Sign In and Creation Page
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. Select “Yes, but I don’t remember my password.”
    4. Press “Continue”

      If you have an eStore account with us, your password will be emailed to the address you’ve provided.

      If you do not have an eStore account with us,  you may have entered an email address that we don’t have in our system.  Don’t worry, we’ve got friendly people answering phones at 877-282-7736 that can help you!

    I Have An Aspen/Snowmass eStore Account – But I Forgot My Password

    1. Visit our eStore Online Account Sign In and Creation Page
    2. Enter your email address that you’ve created your eStore account with.
    3. Select “Yes, but I don’t remember my password.”
    4. Press “Continue”.
    5. Your password will be emailed to the email address you provided.

    I Do Not Have An eStore Account – But I Have A Lift Ticket / Season Pass

    1. Visit our eStore Online Account Sign In and Creation Page
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. Select “No, I need to create an online account.”
    4. Press “Continue”
    5. Enter your desired password.
    6. Select “Find My Account”
    7. Enter your Customer Id – or – Pass Media Number from your RFID lift ticket / season pass.
    8. Select “Find My Account”
    9. Log into Aspen/Snowmass LivePass with the email address and password you’ve just created.

    Extend your pass product through LivePass 

    1. Open LivePass App
    2. Open menu by selecting menu icon in upper left hand of screen
    3. Select Resort Products from menu
    4. Choose Eligible Products
    5. Select from list of eligible products related to your pass product
    6. Enter credit card information
    7. Extended day is added to your media and is available for use




    2"/5.08cm 24HRS
    3"/7.62cm 48HRS
    7"/17.78cm 7DAYS
    14"/35.56cm BASE
    Scattered Snow Showers
    33F/ 1C HIGH
    12F/ -11C LOW
    Scattered Snow Showers
    44F/ 7C HIGH
    16F/ -9C LOW
    Partly Cloudy
    47F/ 8C HIGH
    14F/ -10C LOW
    Live Cam:
    Live Cam:
    Live Cam:
    Live Cam: